Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and Development in Africa

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CPHDA introduces good agricultural practices (GAPs) and basic technologies inclusive of raised beds, mulching, plant nutrition, drip irrigation, integrated pest management, crop rotation and inter-cropping to increase yields.

We promote crop diversification, and are always mindful to create a balance between nutritious home consumption, and income-generation. Many of our client-beneficiaries are able to grow food and cash crops on less than 1,000 square meters of land, but no matter what their size, we encourage all producers to treat their farms as businesses.

CPHDA technicians are highly trained, and equally adept at conventional and organic open-field farming, as kitchen gardening, and greenhouse production. Our client farmers typically double, triple and quadruple yields as a result of adopting our integrated crop management approach, and we have a proven track record transferring these extension skills to NGOs and other business service providers via specialty boot camps, technical apprenticeships, and cooperative alliances.