Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and Development in Africa

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  • Value-Addition

    CPHDA specializes in postharvest handling and processing. From on-farm grading and sorting, and sophisticated pack-house construction and operation, to the introduction of storage options and warehouse receipts program, CPHDA-facilitated postharvest improvements reduce crop losses and expand product shelf-life.

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  • Gender

    role of women, women’s leadership, family & domestic violence, gender mainstreaming, women & equity (e.g. in education, income)

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  • Production

    CPHDA introduces good agricultural practices (GAPs) and basic technologies inclusive of raised beds, mulching, plant nutrition, drip irrigation, integrated pest management, crop rotation and inter-cropping to increase yields.

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  • Market Development

    CPHDA has an in-house team of market analysts, a global buyers’ network, and field programs that always include market logistics specialists. We work as closely with informal domestic traders as we do with multinational importers. And we believe market diversification is an important element of sustainability in a dynamic industry that is continually adapting to change.

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  • Value Chain Analysis and Good Agricultural Practices

    Through VC+GAP, CPHDA encourages producers to adopt a commercial approach to agriculture, treating their farms — however small — as businesses. We train our partners to educate farmers on the costs of production, market prices, break-even points, and rates of return, enabling them to map out a business plan for sustainable profit.

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