Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and Development in Africa

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Market Development

CPHDA has an in-house team of market analysts, a global buyers’ network, and field programs that always include market logistics specialists. We work as closely with informal domestic traders as we do with multinational importers. And we believe market diversification is an important element of sustainability in a dynamic industry that is continually adapting to change.

Delivering Market Analysis

For two decades, CPHDA analysts in our market research unit have collected, synthesized, and interpreted market information. We are continually strengthening our capabilities with electronic, real-time delivery mechanisms for prices and other data — disseminated via text messaging, electronic bulletins, and online reports.

CPHDA combines trade statistics, prices, and other secondary data with primary research on product specifications and market trends through an extensive buyer and distributor network. We also have price reporters in most major domestic, regional, and international markets, as well as an affiliate office in the European Union that provides port-of-entry inspections and arrival quality reports to our client exporters. We ensure service sustainability by training and transitioning all of our price and other market reporting services to in-country partners during any project implementation.

In addition, CPHDA has trained trade association and government agency staff across the globe in our research methodologies, which were recently incorporated and adapted for food aid distribution and monetization analysis.

Creating Market Linkages

CPHDA supports client producers, processors, and exporters in negotiating with buyers and distributors, in the process integrating smallholders into supply chains. Our worldwide partners include multinational and national input suppliers; a strong network of buyers in major international markets (Europe, North

America, the Middle East, and Pacific Rim) and regional markets (Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean); and major financial, educational, and research institutions in countries where we work.


Facilitating Market Logistics

Certification, infrastructure, and transportation are critical elements of market development. CPHDA programs include experienced logistics experts who collaborate with engineers, customs agents, transporters, and other partners to craft solutions that reduce product losses, improve quality, and ensure on-time delivery.