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Gender Justice

Gender-based violence is often a common element of conflict and authoritarian regimes. In these contexts, impunity for violations against women is pervasive. At the same time, women are often absent or underrepresented in efforts to address such abuse.

Despite increased international attention to the gender dimensions of conflict, gender justice concerns have yet to be integrated in many transitional justice initiatives. Recent examples of truth commission mandates, judicial opinions, and reparations programs have shown little regard for the distinct and complex nature of gender-based violations.

Recent developments in international law on gender-based violations and resolutions (such as UN Security Council Resolution 1325, 1820, 1888 on women, peace and security) have strengthened the international community’s commitment to combating these crimes. However, despite these advances, there has been limited success in prosecuting crimes of gender violence at the domestic or international level.


CPHDA’s Intervention

CPHDA works to ensure that women’s voices infuse every aspect of transitional justice, and that women have the skills and knowledge they need to meaningfully participate in transitional justice initiatives.

Our research aims to provide new insights into how the gender dynamics of conflict can be addressed by transitional justice. For example, we have examined how sexual minorities are specifically targeted for human rights violations by state actors and armed groups, and how often these victims are invisible in transitional justice processes.

We give technical support to gender activists on the ground, and seek to strengthen their policy influence by linking them to a global transitional justice network.