Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and Development in Africa

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Children and Youth

Children and youth are especially vulnerable to the effects of conflict and gross human rights violations. In many post-conflict regions, children and youth comprise more than half of the affected population. They are often specific targets of human rights abuse due to their age and societal status.

Children and youth often experience the effects of violations differently from adults. They may be witnesses or victims of first-hand abuse—such as forced recruitment, torture, displacement or sexual assault—resulting in serious physical and psychological harm. If they lose their guardians—through killings, unlawful detention, or disappearances—they suffer the trauma of both separation and loss of support.

Children and youth also risk losing the benefits of education, adequate healthcare and other services at the time in their lives when these are critical to their development.

CPHDA’s Approach

We develop strategies with local and international partners on ways to include children and youth in meaningful post-conflict dialogue, reconciliation and community rebuilding efforts.