Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and Development in Africa

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Youth, Workforce Development and Economic Growth

CPHDA’s international youth programs focus on working with at- risk youth in Sub-Saharan Africa countries— developing their capacities to achieve great accomplishments. Our Youth and Workforce Development programs offer young men and women opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills they need to lead productive lives. Using modern technology tools, such as cell phones and videos, we connect youth to opportunities for training, jobs, and further education. They, the youth, in turn, learn and employ leadership skills and help their communities through service learning.

Service learning is a form of experiential learning in which in- and out-of-school youth work with communities to address problems and issues. It places equal emphasis on helping communities and providing valid learning experiences to participants. Studies of service-learning programs indicate high positive correlations to academic performance, growth in personal skills and civic connectedness, and school-to-work benefits.

CPHDA’s approach is largely motivated by our belief that young Sub-Saharan people can and should be seen as active and positive contributors to their families, and communities. Our programs engage youth in activities that bolster their social, academic, and livelihood skills while using their unique abilities to improve their communities.