Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and Development in Africa

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Non-formal Learning

CPHDA assists African countries reach out to individuals of varying ages and stages in life who did not have the opportunity to acquire a quality education via formal schooling.

Our non-formal and alternative education programs address the particular needs of their audiences, ranging from basic literacy and numeracy to health and civic education to work readiness and vocational skills. We design flexible, accessible programs and promote age-appropriate pedagogy that reflects and is relevant to learners’ lives. These community-driven programs often work through local partners and creatively draw on local resources, such as space in a community center, to increase community participation and ownership.

CPHDA’s programs often train willing adults or youth as facilitators. In some cases, information and communication technologies such as Interactive Radio Instruction, micro-teaching videography, or text messaging are used to deliver content or training. All of CPHDA’s non-formal education programs provide quality learning for non-traditional target audiences.