Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and Development in Africa

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Community Organization and Mobilization

Empowering and educating people to participate as citizens in an evolving social and political order is one of the most important and challenging of tasks in human development today.

 CPHDA works in Sub-Saharan Africa to help organize communities whose voices are not systematically taken into consideration from their education and governance systems. We assemble stakeholders, teachers, school and government officials, parents, businesspeople, and other leaders to assess educational needs and mobilize available human resources and material capital. The action-oriented process results in school improvements such as better teaching, enhanced learning environments and materials, more effective management, and increased accountability in the education system.

CPHDA also helps individuals and communities rebuild from political, economic and even geographic instability. Working with local residents and their community leaders, CPHDA initiatives support basic literacy and numeracy education, peace and reconciliation skill-building, civic participation and life skills education.